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Hey~ Welcome to my site!

I experiment with a bunch of shader effects, occassionally sharing breakdowns and other tutorials here. I mostly use Unity3D, with the Universal Render Pipeline and usually Shader Graph, but the concepts may still translate to other engines and forms of shader creation.

The tutorials here are all completely free to read and mainly come in two forms :

Images in all posts can be clicked to show a fullscreen version.

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~ Cyan

License / Usage

Content is made for learning purposes, and might not optimised / game-ready. I’ve tried to make information in posts accurate but I’m not immune to making mistakes - If something is wrong let me know and I’ll fix it!

Tutorials themselves are under copyright, but any Shader Code, Shader Graphs and C# code within these posts is under the CC0 license, unless a different license is specified within the post. In short, CC0 means you may freely use it for any use, including commercial, without needing attribution/credit (although it would be greatly appreciated if you found these posts useful!)

Please do not upload shaders created from tutorials to the asset store though.

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