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Hey! This is my new blog, replacing my wordpress one (which is still available but won’t be updated with new posts - they’ll be here instead!)

I put this together so I can share info & tutorials about various shader effects I’ve shared on my twitter, @Cyanilux. I mostly use Unity3D, Universal Render Pipeline and Shader Graph, but the concepts might still translate well to other engines and forms of shader creation.

The tutorials are all completely free to read and mainly come in two forms, “posts” which go over general shader topics or shadergraph nodes, and “breakdowns” which break down creating a specific shader effect. Images in posts can be clicked to show a fullscreen version.

Check out the Contents or Recent Pages in the Navigation bar above to start reading/learning!

~ Cyan

License / Usage

Content is made for learning purposes and might not optimised and game-ready.

Shader code, Shader graphs and C# code within these posts is released under the CC0 license unless another license is present within the post. This means you may freely use it for any use, including commercial, without needing attribution/credit (although it would be greatly appreciated if you found these posts useful!)

I do however ask that content is not uploaded to the Unity Asset Store, (it goes against their guidelines to upload public tutorial content too).

Of course this license also does not apply to content that the post mentions is from another source. You should check that source before using it to see whether their license allows it to be used.

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